XENOV3 Soundboard

While our fonts are 100% compatible and preconfigured to work with XENOV3 hardware soundboards, there are many variations of "Xenopixel" and that term gets thrown around lightly and confuses most new saber customers. To ensure font compatibility, please open and check your actual soundboard within your saber to make sure its is a true authentic "XENOV3".

The XENOV3 is a completely new piece of hardware that was brought to market around April of 2023. If you bought a saber that was marketed as Xenopixel before this time, you have the older soundboard Xenopixel-V2 and our fonts are NOT compatible with this older soundboard. This older soundboard is becoming obsolete because the newer V3 hardware is taking its place.

Also note, there are a lot of saber companies marketing their sabers as a Xenopixel, but when in fact they are not authentic XENO brand. Some entry level soundboards as such are SN4, SN3, SN-Pixel. These soundboards are NOT compatible with our sound fonts.

To help with any confusion as to which board you may have, please refer to this photo below of an actual XENOV3 soundboard. 

Image of XENOV3 soundboard