Frequently Asked Questions


What Soundboards do these fonts work with?
All our sound fonts are preconfigured for Proffie, GHv3, XenoV3 and Crystal Focus (CFX) compatible only. Each purchased digital download will contain folders for these formats in the same purchase.
  • Minimum Required Soundcard Boards (hardware):
    • CrystalFocusX (CFX) - (OS) v10.003 or higher
    • Proffie v2.2 - (OS) 4.5 or higher
    • Golden Harvest (GHv3) - (OS) V3 or higher
    • XenoV3 - Note that these fonts are only compatible for the newer V3 Hardware Soundboard XENO brand. Please read more on the XENO soundboard here to ensure compatibility.
  • Please note, if you do not see your soundboard listed above, you are purchasing these fonts at your own risk.
Will you help me install these sound fonts?

Sorry, we cannot. We will not assist, advise or troubleshoot your font installation, nor will not teach/show you how because you don't know how to do it, or if you have never done it before. Knowing how to properly install saber sound fonts is solely up to the customer/users responsibility. We will not be accountable for a user not knowing how to properly install one of our saber sound fonts, or failure to check if you have the 'compatible soundcard' hardware.

These Sound Fonts are pre configured ONLY for CFX, Proffie, XenoV3 and GHv3 and they have been tested to be 100% working on those boards here on our own test sabers at our facility.

You can refer to your saber soundboard user manual (listed below), or there are plenty of tutorials online and YOUTUBE video instructions about sound font installing if this is your first time.

Do you support other sound boards that are not Proffie, GHv3, XenoV3 or CFX?

At this time, our sound fonts are only pre-configured for use in Proffie, Golden Harvest (GHv3), XenoV3 and Crystal Focus (CFX) soundboards.

While these sound files (16bit/mono/.wav) can possibly work with other non-supported sound boards, its solely at the customers risk of trying to reconfigure the font files/folders for that specific non-supported soundboard.

Again, we do not offer support and troubleshooting in sound font installation. Installation and customization is the customer/users responsibility. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there showing how to install sound fonts.

Useful links for updating your Soundboard to most current OS/Firmware:

Got any tips and tricks to help a newbie out?

Heres a few sure ways to help a smooth install that should be issue free:

  • Be sure to include all the files that were given to you in your sound font package when installing into your saber. That means also including all of the '.txt' files as well. Many of the soundboards require these special '.txt' files in order for your sound font to work properly in your soundbaord.
  • Use a quality SD Card in your soundboard. Try to get something that is rated at a fast read/write times. Usually these are labeled as speed class V10/U1 or V30/U3. Anything less that that and you can experience sound drop outs, sounds being cut off mid play, or jitter/static/distorted sounds.
  • Sometimes SD cards can go corrupt over time if you are the type of person who loads many fonts over multiple periods of time on the same card. This also can cause jitter/static/distorted sounds if done too often. The best way to remedy this is to copy all of your sound fonts off the SD card and move them to your computer desktop (temporarily). Then simply wipe clean and reformat your SD to bring it back to a new/unused state. Load all of your fonts back on to it, and this should help clear up any corrupted SD card issues.
  • As always we suggest that your soundboard is up to date to the latest version (OS) to ensure proper functionality. Please visit your soundboards support page to get the latest OS downloads and update your soundboard to its latest version.


Do these sound fonts come with custom visual Blade Styles?
Sorry, custom blade styles are not included. When you purchase a saber sound font, you are purchasing just the saber "sound" font (audio) files. Blade profile styles (visuals & lighting) are something completely different. We do not sell, nor assist in helping you with creating saber blade styles, color effects, or visual saber blade effect codes. We sell only the saber audio (sounds) along with their respective default soundboard 'font-config', 'settings.txt' and 'led-config' txt files so your saber font will work properly at the time of installation, but you will still have to edit your sabers soundboard and pick to which ever color or effect you choose for your new font. You could try these links below for experimenting with creating blade profile styles and color effects:
"Your Font Demo Video has an awesome blade color profile and pre-on ignition spark, can you give me your blade profile code?"
Sorry, but our blade styles/colors/blade effects that we use for our Font Demo Videos are something we cannot share. We are in the "sound" font business, not the blade style code sharing business ;)

You could try these links below for experimenting with creating blade profile styles and color effects:


Can I share my purchased sound font with my friends/family/saber community, or retail sales?

No. Your purchased Sound Font is for single personal use only. While you can load your purchased sound font into all the sabers "you" personally own, however it is not permitted for distribution, sharing with others, retail sale or resell use unless prior permissions & agreements are made prior to doing so by sound font author (BKSaberSounds).

Lightsaber retail sellers/distributors/manufacturers (both domestic and international), saber installers, saber smiths are not authorized nor permitted to include these saber fonts in your products.

Persons caught stealing, sharing, selling or distributing such items are punishable by law. Piracy will not be tolerated.

I'm a Retailer/Distributor, when I purchase a font can I Distribute it freely?

Lightsaber retail sellers/distributors/manufacturers (both domestic and international), saber installers, saber smiths are not authorized nor permitted to include these saber fonts in your products.

 Persons caught stealing, sharing, selling or distributing such items are punishable by law. Piracy will not be tolerated.

What is a Saber Sound Font?

A "Sound Font" is a preconfigured array of sound files to load into your (compatible) saber. These sound files are the saber hum, swing, blaster blocks, lockup, etc sounds that breathe new life into your own personal saber with authentic and realistic saber sounds based off the movie(s) or fantasy. A Saber Sound Font is responsible for the audio you hear playing out of your saber and each different "sound font" offered is preconfigured to mimic certain styles or characters.

What saber soundboard formats will these sound fonts work with?
All our sound fonts are compatible with Proffie, GHv3, XenoV3 and Crystal Focus (CFX) compatible only. Each purchased digital download will contain folders for these formats in the same purchase.
  • Please make sure your saber soundcard is up to date and compatible. Some older style soundboards that haven't been updated (operating system) in quite some time may not be compatible with these up-to-date saber fonts and their naming conventions. Chances are, if your using a sound board that's 1+ years old, it most likely wont be compatible with these fonts unless you update your board OS.
  • Updates for CFX
  • Updates for Proffie
  • Updates for Golden Harvest 
  • Minimum Required Soundcard Boards (hardware):
    • CrystalFocusX - (OS) v10.003 or higher
    • Proffie v2.2 - (OS) 4.5 or higher
    • Golden Harvest - (OS) V3 or higher
    • XenoV3 - Note that this is for the newer V3 Hardware Soundboard. We do not support the older V2 Xenopixel Soundboard.
Can I use these sound font files for other purposes like 'movie effects', 'fan films', 'music production', 'song writing'?
The short answer, No. There are 2 big reasons why this can't be done. Firstly, these saber sound fonts are made sonically and tailored specifically for sabers and their smaller mono 22-28mm saber speakers. To try to use these for other purposes other than that would yield unsatisfactory results and expectations for major audio production or movie/film where a stereo, hi-dynamic ranged, full frequency spectrum is wanted. Secondly, these saber sound fonts are not royalty free audio/music. Meaning the sole purpose of these are for single sole personal saber use only, not for distribution, sharing or any other purposes other than what they were built and intended use.
Are there ever any updates to these sound files?
Yes, we are constantly always trying to make things sound better. If a product has been updated, you will be notified via email that there is a new update/version of your purchase available for you to download, at no additional charge. This notification email will contain the new download link(s) for your convenience.  Once a purchase has been made, it includes lifetime downloads of every recent update that is available of the item. Also review the "readme.txt" files in your font file folder to see the changelog of whats been changed to see if the update applies to you.
  • *Note - We encourage you to save a copy of your old version prior to installing the new update if one is available. For what ever reason if you prefer the older version, it is upon you to have it saved to your personal belonging. Once a product update is made, we will not be saving the older versions and they will not be accessible. 
How come my sound font I just got doesn't sound as lush, bright and loud as your demo video?
Not all sabers are created equally. There are many different factors why a sound font might sound different from one saber to the next. Saber 'speaker' size & type, 'resonance chamber' and how well ventilated your pommel is all play a huge role in how your saber will sound, not just with my sound fonts...but with anyone's. 
  • In my product 'Demo Videos', what you are hearing is the direct injected raw saber sounds passing from the saber sound board into a recording interface via audio cable or wireless 5g transmission, this way you can hear the raw audio files themselves.
Do you do commission font making, or make me a one of a kind font?
Sorry, but at this time we do not make custom request sound fonts or commission fonts. 


Do you work for or affiliated with Disney / Lucas Films?
No, we are not. All our products are made using outside sourced sounds, as well as in-house created sounds. These "inspired by", "re-imagined", "re-creations" while are influenced on our favorite movie lore, they are rightfully protected and covered by the Fair Use Act Copyright Law ; sections 106, 106A, 107 as being researched for these "inspired by" & "re-imagined" sound creations. Time, creativity, labor, and equipment used are what determines on how we price our products to make them compatible for specific device types and a realistic immersive experience.


When will I get my sound font?

Delivery of your sound font will be immediately after a completed paid checkout via a download link. All purchases will receive a digital download link upon completion of payment & checkout instantly in the order confirmation page. An email will also be sent to you afterwards within 1-2 minutes with a copy of your digital download link as well. It's important to provide us a valid working email address upon ordering, and once you receive your email receipt it's important for you to save that email in order to access your download(s) again in the future if needed.

Will I receive a hard copy of my purchase?

No, all purchases are digital downloads only.

I lost my email that has my download link, now what?

No worries, simply shoot us a message via our Contact Us Page, and we can resend you another email with your download link(s) again.

The 'Agree to Terms and Conditions' checkbox at cart/checkout, what's up with that?

This is just so all customers see (and must agree to) some very basic rules for purchasing from this website. Customers must be aware that:

  • 'Digital Download Products' are a non-refundable item.
  • Understanding the list of compatible soundboards for the sound fonts. Any soundboard not listed is not compatible/supported.
  • Customers are solely responsible for knowing how to install a sound font. Thus asking for assistance to troubleshoot or questions on how to install them, will not get a response from us.


Do I really need to create an online account to make a purchase?

No, creating an account is optional. But you will benefit from creating an account with us if you ever need to access your previous order history and see what you have bought in the past.


I have questions regarding things not listed here, how do I contact you?
Please reach out to us via our online contact us form. It's monitored daily during business days/hours of MON-FRI 9AM-5PM PST. A mailing address is also found on this page as well.


I'm not satisfied with my purchase, can I get a refund?

All digital download media (Saber fonts) sales are final and not eligible for return or refunds. All our sound fonts product pages have a video demo for all customers to see and hear the sound fonts in action prior to making a purchase. This is done to set expectations and so everyone can make an informed purchasing decision if this item is right for you, prior to making the purchase.

*Please note - If you do not know how to install a saber sound font into your saber, or do not have the required soundboard (OS), this is not a reason to ask for a return/refund. Please do your research prior to purchasing and make sure you have the right compatible soundboard (hardware) with most current soundboard OS (software).

A font that I purchased a while back is now on sale, can you refund me the difference?

While we sometimes do runs sales from time to time, we are sorry to inform that all purchases are final and we cannot refund the sales price difference.