Classics - Saber Sound Font

Classics - Saber Sound Font

(Proffie, GHv3, CFX & XenoV3)

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A saber sound that captures an era, the classic original trilogy with a modern twist. While this font isn't modeled after any specific character, it captures the essence, sound signature and style of that particular era of sound that can be used for both lightside and dark. A classic take on the very hollow sounding, ‘tubey’, warm transistors, with that welcoming warm “Whoooommmp” sound we all grew up to hear from not only the classic saber sounds of the 80’s, but also incorporates some homage of the newly released sounds from the Obi TV-Series. A perfect blend of classic nostalgia, with a modern twist. Digitally mixed/mastered Hi-Def audio saber sound font.

Purchase includes Proffie, GHv3, CFX & XenoV3 formats.

Whats Included:

Proffie: Audio (.wav) files, config.ini, smoothsw.ini
GHv3: Audio (.wav) files, settings.txt
CFX: Audio (.wav) files, font_config.txt, leds.txt
XenoV3: Audio (.wav) files, .font file

*Note: The .txt/.ini files included are provided with the soundboards manufacturer default settings. Custom visual blade styles, color profiles, additional style codes are not included. Please read our FAQ.

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