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Dark Rogue Leader - Saber Sound Font

Dark Rogue Leader - Saber Sound Font

(Proffie, GHv3, CFX & XenoV3)

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Based from the famous hallway scene of the slow extracting red saber (Vader - Rogue 1 Version) from the leader himself, but with a few twists so you can use this for any dark side red saber style in any era. Thick, deep and powerful. Digitally mixed/mastered Hi-Def audio.

Compatible Soundboards:

This font package is organized by soundboard folder, and preconfigured compatible for the following soundboards:

  • Proffieboard
  • Crystal Focus X (CFX)
  • Golden Harvest (GHv3)
  • XenoV3

*Please note, if your saber soundboard is not listed above, this font is not compatible and you are purchasing this font at your own risk. Please read our FAQ for more info, as we do not assist in sound font installation or troubleshooting.

Whats Included:

Proffie: Audio (.wav) files, config.ini, smoothsw.ini
GHv3: Audio (.wav) files, settings.txt
CFX: Audio (.wav) files, font_config.txt, leds.txt
XenoV3: Audio (.wav) files, .font file

*Note: The .txt/.ini files included are provided with the soundboards manufacturer default settings. Custom visual blade styles, color profiles, additional style codes are not included. Please read our FAQ.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Awesome update!

...and with a REBEL YELL, the fans cry more, more, more!!

Absolutely love

I absolutely love this soundfont. Deep, angry, dark.

A nice update!

Just got your update to the new V2 vader font. I must say, its a refreshing surprise on how it evolved from the original font. Everything seems to have a touch more clarity. I noticed right away the hum you added more nuances of buzzing, and the clashes sound a lot more traditional vader from the original trilogy. Even the swings now feel more fluid and smooth. Its a great vader font. Excellent update my dude.

Man, oh man

WOW. Those ignitions and that low bassy growly hum are awesome. When I finally get a Vader hilt, this will be its definitive font.

it's good

It's good.