Speeder Horn - Saber Sound Font

Speeder Horn - Saber Sound Font

(Proffie, GHv3, CFX & XenoV3)

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This Hero constructed his silver-bladed lightsaber using scrap parts from a Speeder Bike. Using a Durindfire along with an emerald and diamond for the sabers focusing crystals, his dual-phase saber is capable of increasing its length when twisted to bring its second set of crystals into alignment. Ideal for saber colors White-Silver. Digitally mixed/mastered Hi-Def audio.

Compatible Soundboards:

This font package is organized by soundboard folder, and preconfigured compatible for the following soundboards:

  • Proffieboard
  • Crystal Focus X (CFX)
  • Golden Harvest (GHv3)
  • XenoV3

*Please note, if your saber soundboard is not listed above, this font is not compatible and you are purchasing this font at your own risk. Please read our FAQ for more info, as we do not assist in sound font installation or troubleshooting.

Whats Included:

Proffie: Audio (.wav) files, config.ini, smoothsw.ini
GHv3: Audio (.wav) files, settings.txt
CFX: Audio (.wav) files, font_config.txt, leds.txt
XenoV3: Audio (.wav) files, .font file

*Note: The .txt/.ini files included are provided with the soundboards manufacturer default settings. Custom visual blade styles, color profiles, additional style codes are not included. Please read our FAQ.

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Customer Reviews

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The ignition, the hum, the swing they all combine to make a masterful piece of symphony for your saber. This font came highly recommended and it didn't disappoint.


Its interesting to hear peoples interpretation of Corran Horns saber. This one you can hear nuances of speeder bike elements in it, but the main focus is on the silvery blade and its bright, clear, crystalline type sound. Its a very well thought out font indeed. Although proffie users will probably gain the most "immersive" fun because it has so much capability to switching blade colors and alt-sounds on the fly, I think other board users will still find this a very enjoyable sound font. The font folder also has some extra sounds so you can tailor the sound to your liking if need be. An excellent addition to anyone who has a speeder bike hilt.