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Tanos Blade - Saber Sound Font

Tanos Blade - Saber Sound Font

(Proffie, GHv3, CFX & XenoV3)

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A. Tano has a sleek, stealthy silver white saber sound to die for. Inspired by her cameo appearance on our favorite Mando show series. This saber sound font style is perfect for any era White or Yellow color sabers. Digitally mixed/mastered Hi-Def audio.

Compatible Soundboards:

This font package is organized by soundboard folder, and preconfigured compatible for the following soundboards:

  • Proffieboard
  • Crystal Focus X (CFX)
  • Golden Harvest (GHv3)
  • XenoV3

*Please note, if your saber soundboard is not listed above, this font is not compatible and you are purchasing this font at your own risk. Please read our FAQ for more info, as we do not assist in sound font installation or troubleshooting.

Whats Included:

Proffie: Audio (.wav) files, config.ini, smoothsw.ini
GHv3: Audio (.wav) files, settings.txt
CFX: Audio (.wav) files, font_config.txt, leds.txt
XenoV3: Audio (.wav) files, .font file

*Note: The .txt/.ini files included are provided with the soundboards manufacturer default settings. Custom visual blade styles, color profiles, additional style codes are not included. Please read our FAQ.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Got this font back when it first released. I loved it then, and with the update that was released awhile back I love it even more! I Always make sure to have this soundfont on all of my sabers because it's just that good!

Lady Tano
Pretty Good!

This is a good Ahsoka Tano font. Although I wanted to get one that was based on her Clone Wars show, I stumbled upon this one and it does a good variation of her (Based on the Mandolorian). It has clone wars like smooth swings, but it has the Mando clashes, accent swings and lockup. The hum is to die for! Very good.



So I just downloaded the newer update you made for this font, and its 100% way better then ever before. I think the newer smoothswings that are higher pitched and brighter are fantastic. Kudos for also including the older style swings as an install option. Overall the font also seemed to have gotten louder and more responsive. THIS is the Ahsoka font I've been waiting for, and you certainly delivered with this new update! Cheers!


For those who need to know, this sound font is more about the adult Ahsoka with the white sabers. Very futuristic, smooth, crisp, a really good sound font! The swings are really sweet sounding, great job dude!

Superb font!!!!

Got this font because a youtube reviewer showcased it. It sounds better than I could have ever imagined. Blown away how killer this sounds in person.