The Void - Saber Sound Font

The Void - Saber Sound Font

(Proffie, GHv3, CFX & XenoV3)

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"Alone & afraid, in a vast array of darkness. In this place, all you can see is random flickers of ambient light fading around you. Your mind is lost, your soul begins to betray you. You feel nothing but aloneness...but you sense you are not alone. The evil void surrounds you". This sound font is perfect for any original or prequel era red or orange color sabers. Digitally mixed/mastered Hi-Def audio.

Compatible Soundboards:

This font package is organized by soundboard folder, and preconfigured compatible for the following soundboards:

  • Proffieboard
  • Crystal Focus X (CFX)
  • Golden Harvest (GHv3)
  • XenoV3

*Please note, if your saber soundboard is not listed above, this font is not compatible and you are purchasing this font at your own risk. Please read our FAQ for more info, as we do not assist in sound font installation or troubleshooting.

Whats Included:

Proffie: Audio (.wav) files, config.ini, smoothsw.ini
GHv3: Audio (.wav) files, settings.txt
CFX: Audio (.wav) files, font_config.txt, leds.txt
XenoV3: Audio (.wav) files, .font file

*Note: The .txt/.ini files included are provided with the soundboards manufacturer default settings. Custom visual blade styles, color profiles, additional style codes are not included. Please read our FAQ.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very Creepy and Absolutely Perfect

This font is more than worthy of 5 stars. It is such a solid and insidious sound profile that gives me chills every time, especially the whispers after it retracts. It's so unique compared to the other fonts on my saber. Great job on this! Beyond impressed!

Wheres the color styles?

BRO, Tis is a sick sound font. BUt it doesnt come with any color profiles! You shouldnt sell sound fonts unless they come with matching blade styles or colors as shown in your video! Bro I emailed you and will adjust the 3-star rating if you help me set up the correct color as shown in your video.

As stated in the 'what's included' section of the product page, our FAQ page, and the terms and conditions page before checkout...our sound fonts packages do not come with any custom color profiles or blade styles. It's upon the user to create their own blade colors and visual styles.


This is THE creepy for to get. It gives me the chilly willies when I ignite it. Literally hairs stand up and gives me chills. It's got this horror movie demonic possession vibe, just overall freaking scary sounding. This would be a great sound font for Halloween, but it's just one of those fonts where when you want just pure evil in the most other worldly way, this one does it. All of this, and yet it still sounds like a magnificent canon saber that would be found in a SW film.

5 stars for being creepy AF and super unique.

Superb Font

I love the way the blaster blocks are so seamlessly blended with the swings; there is no font quite like it. Two thumbs up.

Excellent font for creepy sounds!

This font kinda makes the hair on my arms stand up. It creepy and something you don't want to ignite when your alone in a dark room. You may just accidentally summon spirits or something, lol. But all kidding aside, this was a well thought out sound font. Creepy whispers, howling swings, and the lockup you can hear faint chanting or something. Its hard to pin point but I hear voices in the lockup too. Or did this font possess my brain? I dunno....but this font is a great unique addition to my collection. There's nothing out there like it.